Photonic Distress

Photonic Distress is a small puzzler, platformer with a unique twist. We usually take the ability to see in games for granted. Photonic Distress challenges this by having you solve the level in darkness. However, you have tools to light up your way in the form of a Photonic Gun that can shoot Photons, colorful balls that light up in a certain radius. There is also a Scan feature that you unlock at a later stage.

Its noteworthy that Photonic Distress levels are not pre-designed. We are using a Pseudo Random Number generator that will generate each level based on the seed. This means that there is a a huge replay value even after you finish the game for the first time. You can start over and use a new seed, and the levels be different from your previous gameplay. We also provide different challenge levels from Easy to Impossible.

There is a speedrunning element to the game, as it tracks the time you spent on your current level as well as all previous levels combined.

There is a selection of Steam achievements for your hard work!

The game is still in the making and we are using the amazing Unreal Engine 4 to make it. We are currently running closed beta on Steam to polish out the game and Steam integration. Meanwhile please enjoy the following screenshots.