Escape Germany

World War 2 mixed view shooter from the perspective of a german farmer, who gets drafted into Wehrmacht and takes part of historical moments of ww2.

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Status: Work in Progress / Alpha

Platform: Windows PC

Release: TBD 2021-2080-∞

Last updated: 08.08.2020


  • ThirdPerson / Side-Scroller View

  • Singleplayer campaign

  • Play as Infantry (climbing/vaulting/ladder mechanics included)

  • Automatic Cover System

  • Play as Aircraft pilot (Railshooter / Third Person / SideScroller)

  • Play as Tank crew

  • Play as Sub and Ship captain

  • Artillery, Anti Tank and Anti Air gameplay

  • Horse Riding

  • Missions setting/environment historical locations and battles

  • Key missions let you switch sides

  • This is not an exhaustive list